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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Power Sightseer's Guide to San Diego

This trip was for my grandsons, so this is the kid friendly version of San Diego.  It was an awesome trip for all involved.  We stayed at the Omni in the Gas Light Quarter.  The entire area is great and provides everything you need.  Easy walking to the train and trolley, great shipping, restaurants makes it a great place to stay.  Obviously the hotel has great views

it is also right next door to the Padre's home field.

I highly recommend the Tin Fish right next door to the hotel.  Great food and atmosphere including a great night of live music with Joe Rathburn was just what we needed to relax after a LONGGGGG day at the San Diego Zoo.   

My other recommendations for downtown eating would be Broken Yolk (awesome breakfast specials)     Mary Jane's located in the Hard Rock Hotel (vegetarian tacos - yummy) and Pink Berry.  All are an easy walk from the train or the hotel.

The zoo is very big so I suggest you take the guided tour bus when you first arrive.  The tour lasts about 35 minutes and gives you a very nice overview of the entire zoo.  The polar bear exhibit was our favorite.  The elephant area is really special also.

The only other big spending stop on our trip was Lego Land.  Great for kids, with every ride being kid friendly.  Lots of very interesting uses of legos.  Tons of fun and well work the admission price.  This year they added a water park.  The lazy river has inner-tubes with build in lego pads and floating legos for hours of fun.  When you leave Lego Land you might want to stop by Carlsbad beach.  There is a nice sandy beach with awesome smooth sandblasted rocks littering the edge.

Imperial Beach hosted a Sand Castle contest while we were there.  It was amazing.  Imperial also offered lots of great sea shell hunting.

La Jolla children's beach was an easy bus ride away for those of you traveling without a car.  The seals were fun to watch and there was a nice shallow water beach where kids could play.

My grandsons loved San Diego.  This was our second trip and they have already started planning our next.

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