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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Power Sightseers Guide to Charleston

During a visit to Charleston - yes of course for work - I ended up with 3 extra hours before my flight.  I took this as a sign  that I should indulge my sightseeing passion.  I love the old south and quickly settled on a trip to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  Located just a few miles from the Charleston airport the Magnolia Plantation gave me a perfect location for sightseeing the power way.   The plantation was founded in 1676 so it was sure to provide me with my history fix as well as possible photo opportunities.  I was thrilled with what I found.  The gardens are beautiful!  There were so many hidden nooks, secret spaces and wonderful treasures I was thrilled.  In addition to the garden  there was a magical Audubon swamp garden that seemed to be from a completely different time and place.  The Magnolia's gardens were so amazing I spent my entire time there.  I never made it to the plantation house that day. Since my first trip I have been back to the Magnolia Plantation every time I traveled to Charleston.  Each time was magical.  Every season offered a complete different experience, unique scenery and wonderful photo opportunities.  

This is one of my favorite photos. I was taking photos of the lovely flowers when this huge bee started buzzing around. I followed him from flower to flower and got several wonderful shots, but this is my favorite. If you look closely there is also an ant on the flower. Apparently it was a very popular bud that morning.

Otherworldly is the only way I can describe this landscape.  The moss dripping from the ancient tree and the reflection in the glassy water below combine to make the scene pull you into another world.  I still feel very peaceful whenever I look at this photo. 

Fall in the swamp gardens proved to be just as beautiful as spring and summer.  Being a Texas girl I don't get to experience the seasons like others.  Don't get me wrong we have four seasons in Texas - Early Summer, Too Hot to Breath, Late Summer and Ice - but it just isn't the same.  We don't have the lovely colors and falling leaves, not to mention the trees for the leaves to fall from.  I really enjoyed seeing all the color that Autumn can bring.

No matter the season, I highly recommend the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens to all of those brave enough to take Power Sightseer challenge and squeeze the most out of every trip you are lucky enough to take.

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